The PROBAnD Railway Crossing

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Chapter Definitions

Package Utils (default utilities package for PROBAnD method)

Package Project (project specific 'includes', contains all signal definitions and data types)

Chapter Environment-Objects Package EnvRoad    Block Type EnvRoad       Block EnvRoadCtrl          Process EnvRoadCtrl             Procedure checkNo Package EnvGate    Block Type EnvGate       Block EnvGateCtrl          Process EnvGateCtrl             Procedure report             Procedure setPhysVal Package EnvSignal    Block Type EnvSignal       Block EnvSignalCtrl          Process EnvSignalMasterCtrl          Process EnvSignalCtrl             Procedure setPhysVal             Procedure report Package EnvTrainSens    Block Type EnvTrainSens       Block EnvTrainSensCtrl          Process EnvTrainSensMasterCtrl          Process EnvTrainSensCtrl Package EnvTrain    Block Type EnvTrain       Process EnvTrainMasterCtrl       Process EnvTrainCtrl          Procedure setCurPos          Procedure compDistDur          Procedure report Package EnvTrack    Block Type EnvTrack       Block EnvTrackCtrl          Process EnvTrackMasterCtrl          Process EnvTrackCtrl Package EnvCrossing    Block Type EnvCrossing       Block EnvCrossingCtrl          Process EnvCrossingCtrl

Chapter Controller-Objects Package RoadCtrl    Block Type RoadCtrl       Block RoadCtrlCtrl          Process RoadCtrlCtrl             Procedure setPhysVal Package SignalCtrl Package GateCtrl Package TrainSensCtrl    Block Type TrainSensCtrl       Block TrainSensCtrlCtrl          Process TrainSensCtrlMasterCtrl          Process TrainSensCtrlCtrl             Procedure setPhysVal Package TrackCtrl    Block Type TrackCtrl       Block TrackCtrlCtrl          Process TrackCtrlMasterCtrl          Process TrackCtrlCtrl Package CrossingCtrl    Block Type CrossingCtrl       Block CrossingCtrl          Process CrossingCtrlCtrl             Procedure checkForHalt             Procedure sendGo             Procedure checkFastTrains

Chapter System Package RWCrossing    Block Type RWCrossing       Block RWCrossingCtrl          Process RWCrossingCtrl             Procedure setPhysVal Package ProtoDriver (together with GenSys this package forms the generic part of each PROBAnD specification)    Block Type ProtoDriver       Block ProtoDriverCtrl          Process ProtoDriverCtrl System GenSys (the generic system for all PROBAnD specifications, realizes connection to environment, ...)    Block ProtoCtrl       Process ProtoCtrl          Service OutServ             Procedure setPhysEventMode             Procedure putAnalogVal             Procedure pollPhysVal             Procedure putPhysServerVal             Procedure putPanelVal             Procedure putProtoStubSignal             Procedure pollPhysData             Procedure putPhysData          Service InServ          Service GlobServ             Procedure announceInstance             Procedure revokeInstance             Procedure getPID