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JavaPanel RailwayCrossing V9
This panel is intended for interacting with the RailwayCrossing Environment and the Gate Controller.

Therefore, the panel allows

  • the initialization of a specific number of regular and fast tracks with the respective params (at system start)

  • the manual setting of the control strategy
  • the manual or periodic creation of cars and trains

  • the display of statistics about the tracks (e.g. average waiting duration of the trains, signal state, ...), the waiting cars and the state of the gate

  • further, the sending of arbitrary signals
ModelName Description Strategy Assigned Tab/Window
initTracks Initialize a specific number of regular and fast tracks (at system start). After pressing the buttonInit, for each track type (regular/fast) send the signal initTracks(nbr, creDur, trackType, ts1Dur, ts1Sig1Dur, sig1Ts2Dur, breakDur, minDistDur), where nbr is taken from textFieldRR/FT, creDur is taken from textFieldRTCre/FTCre, and the remaining params are taken from textFieldRTP/FTP

Then, send signal initTracksDone and initialize the statistics table.

displayStatistics Display the statistics for the railway crossing (the number of trains, the average waiting duration per track, etc.). Upon reception of the data for a track, update the respective entry in tableStats depending on the trackName parameter.

Upon reception of the data for the gate, update textFieldSGate.

Upon receiving a new nbr of cars, update textFieldSCar.

controlCarCreation Set the periods for arriving and leaving cars, or create cars manually. If buttonCarPer is pushed, send the signal setPeriod(p1), where p1 is taken from textFieldE1. 

If buttonCarDecrPer is pushed, send the signal setDecrPer(p2), where p2 is taken from textFieldE2.

If buttonCarCre is pushed, send the signal gebCars(nbr), where nbr is taken from textFieldE5.

controlTrainCreation Set the period for creating trains, or create trains manually. If buttonTrainPer is pushed, send the signal setPerToCreTrain(trackName, p1). Parameter trackName is taken from textFieldE3 and param p1 is taken from textFieldE4.

If buttonTrainCre is pushed, send the signal creNewTrain(trackName), where trackName is taken from TextFieldE3.

setStrategy Choose between different control strategies. If buttonSetStrategy is pushed, send the signal setStrategy(sname), where sname is taken from the selected entry in the drop-down list strategyList. Control
sendArbitrarySignals Send an arbitrary signal. Upon pressing the buttonSend, send the signal and parameters to the system as entered in textFieldG1. Generic