DocName Project Version FullName ShortDescription
EnvCrossing RailwayCrossing V1
ModelName Number Type
gate 1 EnvGate
tracks 1..n EnvTrack
road 1 EnvRoad
ModelName Description Strategy StrategyType RealizedRequirements.
EnvCrossingTask1 counting no of cars, crossing the tracks After receiving newGateState, switch curGateState the given value. If the gate is opened, send gateOpened to road1, otherwise send gateClosed. f
EnvCrossingTask2 initialization Switch curState to init and receive the signal setTrackParams. Set ts1Dur, ts1SigDur, sigTs2Dur, breakDur, minDistDur, and perToCreTrain to the values provided dependent on the type of track. (If signal(s) are not received, default values will be used). f
EnvCrossingTask3 createTracks If curState = init and signal initAllTracks is received create the specified number of regular and fast  tracks, then send initTrack to each of these tracks. Then switch curState  to idle. f
ModelName FullName Type Value Tasks Description
ts1Dur[regular,fast] approach duration Duration 0 EnvCrossingTask2 w duration to reach the ts1
EnvCrossingTask3 r
ts1SigDur[regular,fast] signal duration Duration 0 EnvCrossingTask2 w duration from ts1 to signal
EnvCrossingTask3 r
sigTs2Dur[regular,fast] passing duration Duration 0 EnvCrossingTask2 w duration from the signal to ts2
EnvCrossingTask3 r
breakDur[regular,fast] breaking duration Duration 0 EnvCrossingTask2 w duration that is needed to break
EnvCrossingTask3 r
minDistDur[regular,fast] minimum distance duration Duration 0 EnvCrossingTask2 w minimum time difference between two trains
EnvCrossingTask3 r
perToCreTrain Duration 0 EnvCrossingTask2 w
EnvCrossingTask3 r
curGateState GateStateType = Enum (opened, closed) opened EnvCrossingTask1
carsPerMinute Integer 10 EnvCrossingTask1
ModelName FullName Parameters Tasks Usage Description SignalPaths
newGateState GateStateType EnvCrossingTask1 c
gateOpened EnvCrossingTask1 p
gateClosed EnvCrossingTask1 p
initTrack CharString, Duration, Duration, Duration, Duration, Duration, Duration EnvCrossingTask3 p