Request for Proposals for Hosting SDL2017

The SDL Forum Society  is requesting proposals to host the 18th System Design Languages Forum which will probably be held in June or July or September or October 2017. 

Following established procedure the decision in principle to hold an event in 2017 would normally be made at the Society AGM in 2015 and a final decision made at the Society AGM in 2016. The Society would be pleased to receive proposals well in advance of the AGM in 2015 so that planning for the event can be started.

If you are interested in helping host the conference in your area, please assemble the following information, and send it to admin of with a copy to members of

The possibility to hold SDL2017 with MODELS2017 may be considered, but alternative proposals are invited as a pattern has been established that SAM workshops are with MODELS and the SDL Forum is held separately. If a good proposal is made, or if collaboration with Models 2017 is not practical, a different decision could be made at the Society AGM. Alternative proposals for hosting SDL2017 are therefore welcome.

The proposal may be brief and informal, but needs to address the following questions, which will help the Society evaluate the viability of the proposal.

  1. Who is making the proposal? These will be one or more individuals (representing an organization) willing to be responsible for local arrangements. Although this is optional, they should also include someone who is willing to serve as co-chair for the conference (other co-chairs will be appointed by the SDL Forum Board). This co-chair person is not signing up to be responsible for the whole event - the SDL2017 Organizing Committee is responsible for that. If the proposal is selected, the person (or people) that you list will be added to the Organizing Committee, and the chair people of the conference (to be named later) will assign responsibilities to various members of the committee. The proposer should be a member of the SDL Forum Society. If a non-member wishes to make a proposal they should either collaborate with a member or join the Society.
  2. What would be the main subject of the forum? The previous subjects have been "System Design languages" in 2003, "Model Driven" in 2005, "Design for Dependable Systems" in 2007, "Design for Motes and Mobiles" in 2009, "Integrating systems and modeling for high performance" in 2011, "Model-driven Dependability Engineering" in 2013, and "Model-Driven Engineering for Smart Cities" in 2015. The trend to consider requirements to implementation engineering holistically, rather than focusing on just one phase has continued. The scope (as finalized by the programme committee) is put in the call for papers and is a key factor in getting papers, participants and acceptance for publication. In SDL2007, SDL2009, SDL2011, SDL2013 and SDL2015 there were invited presentations as well as the papers published in response to the call for papers.
  3. In what venue do you propose it be held? Ideally, this venue should be able to handle to plenary sessions of up to 80 people, and one or two parallel sessions. In the past parallel sessions have only been used for tutorials (on an additional day and usually charged for) or for evening workshops. There should be adequate hotel accommodation near (or at) the venue.
  4. How much will the meeting cost? An estimated meeting cost and participation fee should be given.  Assume attendance of between 40 and 80 for 2 to 4 days. The figures can be approximate, as long as it gives an idea of how much it will cost both for the whole conference and for each attendee. In any case it shall agreed that any gain or loss will be shared at least equally by the SDL Forum Society and the local organizer. An outline budget should be provided.
  5. Can arrangements be made for demos by participants? The Forum has in the past had both commercial stands and research project demonstrations. If there are demonstrations, each one is usually allocated 5 to 15 minutes at the event to present what the demonstration is about.
  6. How the proceedings will be published? The Society expects to publish the proceedings in the LNCS series (as SDL2001, SDL2003, SDL2005, SDL2007, SDL2009, SDL2011, SDL2013, SDL2015) and in time for the event. Acceptance in the LNCS series is not automatic and will depend to some extent on convincing the LNCS series editors to continue to publish the SDL Forum series. Other proposals may be considered. There is usually other material such as a programme booklet, and tutorial and/or workshop notes that need to be distributed (in machine readable and/or printed form. 
  7. Dates when the venue should be reserved. The venue should be available for 4 or 5 days from Monday to Friday even though the event will probably be 3 days (as SDL2009, SDL2011 and SDL2013). However, the final programme and length of the event will be decided by the programme committee, based partly on the papers received. The day or days before or after SDL2015 may be utilised for side events such as related project meetings and/or an ITU standards meeting.
  8. Are there any potential local (or global) sponsors? This will be relevant to local support and the budget. Sponsors are welcome to provide any level of support from making the whole workshop free to attend to providing delegate badges, provided the sponsorship is acceptable to the SDL Forum Society. At some events there has been a sponsorship deal linked to tool demonstrations.
  9. What publicity is planned? Recent events have not attracted as many participants as anticipated, and publicity is probably one factor. Relying on distribution by email lists is insufficient, and the publicity planned to reach the intended participants is an important factor.
  10. Will people enjoy coming? Hopefully the meeting will be in a pleasant interesting area and easy to access for international travellers. Cost of travel and staying at the location is a factor.
  11. Any other point that will help us to select the best proposal.

Proposals received one week before the calling notice is sent out for the SDL Forum Society Annual General Meeting in 2015 will be considered at that meeting.

Proposals received one week before the calling notice is sent out for the SDL Forum Society Annual General Meeting in 2016 will be considered at that meeting if a decision has not already been made.

The deadlines may be extended to later dates if necessary by the Board of the Society.

Proposals that arrive after the deadlines will be considered only if a decision has not been made by then, and if a good proposal is received before the deadline the Board may decide to proceed (after consulting members) without waiting for further offers.

If you have further questions, please direct them to admin of

R. Reed

Non Voting Board member, July 2015

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