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3rd SAM

Telecommunication and Beyond

24th-26th June 2002

Aberystwyth Conference

Telecommunication and Beyond:
The broader applicability of SDL and MSC

Organisers: SDL Forum Society

University of Wales Aberystwyth

The SDL and MSC (SAM) workshop provides an open discussion arena in the year between SDL Forums, which are held every two years.It addresses topics related to both description and specification techniques for distributed (real-time) systems.

The intended audience ranges from SDL Forum members, tool vendors through researchers and users to standardisers and industrial users.

Being a less formal event than the biennial SDL Forum, the SAM workshop is a place for intensive discussions enabling the unfolding of ideas for the future development and application of SDL and MSC. The three day programme includes languages associated with SDL and MSC in an engineering environment: User Requirements Notation (URN) being standardised by ITU-T, UML, Testing and the latest version of TTCN.

At SAM in 2002 the programme was organised with selected presentations to make sessions on the first and last days. Although time was made available for discussion on these two days, the second day of the workshop was more focussed on discussion. This day hosted the SDL-2000 Design Contest to provide a basis for a discussion on current use of SDL. This was followed by a presentation and discussion on language modelling including such issues as meta-models. A session on the future of SDL concluded the workshop part of the day. To facilitate discussion, participation in the 2002 event will be limited to about 100 persons.

The papers presented were updated after the workshop and published in the LNCS series

The Society has a few copies available at special prices - see Proceedings.

Heidelberg: http://link.springer.de/link/service/series/0558/tocs/t2599.htm

New York: http://link.springer-ny.com/link/service/series/0558/tocs/t2599.htm

Click here for the programme details.

SDL Forum Society Membership and Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Registration for the SAM workshop at the non-members rate included free optional membership of the SDL Forum Society until 31 December 2002. All participants were therefore welcome to join the AGM which took place at 18:30 on 24 June 2002 at the workshop. Click here for the meeting results.

Programme committee:

Andreas Prinz, Rick Reed, Uwe Glaesser, Edel Mary Sherrat, Chris Loftus, Reinhard Gotzhein, Joachim Fischer, Dieter Hogrefe, Ekkart Rudolph, Rolv Braek, Susanne Graf, Sjouke Mauw, Nikolai Mansurov, Clive Jervis, Daniel Amyot, Thomas Weigert, Bob Probert.

See also the associated: SAM-2002 Design Contest Results

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