SDL-News: Im trying to find people with ObjectGeode skills

Subject: SDL-News: Im trying to find people with ObjectGeode skills
From: Roger Herbert (
Date: Tue Oct 12 1999 - 22:14:23 GMT


I m trying to find some people with strong ObjectGeode skills for our R&D team
here in New Zealand. We are Dialaogic, part of Intel now and require a couple
of Software Engineers.

Would you be able to assist us in any way?

Below I have pasted an over view, plus attached a job description and my
telephone numbers so you can verify Im genuine....and a little desperate!
Any guidance or advise would be appreciated. As would any contacts wanting a
career move in teh near future.

The overview

I am on contract with Dialogic New Zealand (now part of Intel)
We are looking for Software Engineers particularly those with ObjectGeode
experience to join our Research and Development team.

Would you or any other software engineers within your group be interested in
joining us here in New Zealand and then if you wanted relocating to Intel,
Dialogic or Microsoft in the USA at a later date?

The kinds of skills we require are OO design, C++, strong engineering based
development expertise.
I have attached a job description for the two positions we have with
ObjectGeode requirements.
Naturally we will take care of immigration and relocation expenses.
Pay you an excellent salary with full benefits, e.g. Retirement, Stock
options, bonuses, full medical covering immediate family etc.

If you want to call me you are welcome also.

Meantime, I trust you will forgive my �intrusion� if I have offended you in
any way

Roger Herbert, +64 9 366 1135 x 817

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