SDL-News: problem in MAKE -> SDL

Subject: SDL-News: problem in MAKE -> SDL
From: Muralidhar V (
Date: Wed Feb 03 1999 - 18:07:12 GMT

Hello ,

       I am facing problem in generating a simulator , though it is
error free in organiser log file, after using the MAKE option to get a
.exe file. I am not able to get the .exe file at all.
At the end of the MAKE command, the log output I get is,

+Make started
SDT Analyzer
Code generation started
Code generation completed
Compile and link started
Making in C:\Tsu34\work\
c:\TAU34\sdt\sdtdir\wini386\SCTADEBCOM\bmake.bat SDL1.m
Complie and link completed
+ MAKE completed

Can anyone give me the reason why it is so ?

Thanking U in advance.


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