Re: SDL-News: Actual parameters to a static process ?

Subject: Re: SDL-News: Actual parameters to a static process ?
From: Rick Reed TSE (
Date: Mon Feb 01 1999 - 11:33:22 GMT

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At 10:03 +0000 1/2/99, DUBOIS Fabrice CNET/DTL/LAN wrote:
>How would you pass actual parameters to a process, assuming you HAVE TO
>create this process in a STATIC way (no usage of any CREATE construct).
>For example, I want to give a name (as a CharString actual param.) to my

This can be done by using a PROCESS TYPE and SYNONYM context parameter.


SYNONYM acs CharString = EXTERNAL;/*or some internal value*/

PROCESS p <acs>

If you have more than one instance of p, then they will all have the same
actual parameter.

If different instances of p are to have different values, then what I
usually do is to put a remote procedure in the initial transition (that is
between the process start and the first state), that calls a unique server
process in the system that can return any values you like (I suppose that
this could also be external). What I often use this for is to give an index
number to each process (the server counts the calls of the remote
procedure). This avoids any toll dependent Pid features.

Such a server process could also return a different CharString for each
instance - perhaps set up by SYNONYM context parameter to the server.

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