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Subject: Re: SDL-News: UML vs SDL
From: Roger Barnett ( )
Date: Fri Dec 11 1998 - 10:20:05 GMT

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> > From Maha Boughdadi <> to sdlnews -----
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> > Hi,
> > CORBA is a real-time system.
> What? Could you please provide me with a pointer to any information that
> discusses the real-time features of CORBA that provide predictability. As
> far as I know there is work done to improve CORBA for real-time systems
> with soft deadlines, but not for systems with hard deadlines (i.e.,
> deadlines that must never be missed).
> > I found some UML model of CORBA but none in
> > SDL. The thing is that I need more info concerning the use of UML and/or
> > SDL for real-time systems modeling, which one is more appropriate for
> > these kind of systems ....
> > Thanks,
> > Maha
> >
> > John Dalton wrote:
> >
> > > Hi, maybe it's because real-time and CORBA are mutually exclusive
> > > concepts? - John
> > >
> > > Maha Boughdadi wrote:
> > >
> > > > I would like to know if some comparison work has been done concerning
> > > > UML vs SDL for Real-Time system design (such as CORBA )
> > > > Please send me white papers (or where I can find them), URL's ....
> > > > Thank you,

Work is currently well underway at the OMG to produce a Realtime CORBA
specification which is expected to be ready for inclusion in CORBA 3.0
(which will also include Minimum CORBA for embedded systems and CORBA
components for the Enterprise Java Beans fans) which is due for completion
in the second half of 1999. The initial version of the Realtime spec is
likely to concentrate on static scheduling approaches, although work is
also in progress on dynamic scheduling.

In the meantime CORBA systems are already in place for both soft and hard
realtime environments, with the main users so far being in the aviation
(e.g. Lockheed Martin) and telecomms (e.g. Motorola, Nortel) markets.

With regard to realtime system design, there is an active group at the OMG
working on the subject of realtime analysis and design methods - if people
want to push the cause of SDL, ROOM, or whatever then the best way is to
get involved now !
( OMG policy is to prefer to adopt existing proven standards over having to
  create their own )

As a matter of interest, the only method or methodology *required* by the
official OMG standards is that submissions for proposed specifations comply
with the ISO RM-ODP model (which forms the basis for the overall Object
Management Architecture defined by the OMG). Within this model one can
then use any combination of methods and notations which provide the best
viewpoint definitions - although they do require that the computational
viewpoint include the full proposed interface specification in ISO IDL.

Hope this helps.

Roger Barnett
Real Objects Ltd, Leamington Spa, England

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