SDL-News: Random number gen THANKYOU

Subject: SDL-News: Random number gen THANKYOU
From: oliver (
Date: Mon Nov 30 1998 - 08:51:11 GMT

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Thanks to all of you knowledgeable people who kindly replied giving using
info. on random numbers.

>Maybe you have already received all the answers but here is one;
>ANY is no good in if you would like random numbers with a certain
>Since you use SDT, the types provided by Telelogic is better:
>Erika Svensson Tel: +46-40-660 98 00 (vxl)
>Enea Data AB +46-40-660 98 10 (dir)
> 070 8278997 (GSM)
>Methods & Tools Fax: +46-40-660 98 30
>Box 4150
>J�rgen Kocksgatan 9 Email:
>s-203 12 Malm�

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Oliver Nash
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