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Subject: Re: SDL-News: FDT projects
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Date: Wed Nov 11 1998 - 17:07:01 GMT

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At 22:33 +0100 9/11/98, Richard_Plackowski#Mitel.COM wrote:
>I'm looking for help in identifying projects (either
>sponsored or participated in by the telecom companies)
>related to Functional Description Techniques based on
>standardized languages (SDL and MSC). If you know of any
>that happened between 1993 and now or are under development now could you
>please let me know?

Dear Mr. Plackowski,

As I work as a consultant in the industry I have been involved in some way
in a number of projects of various kinds, but usually I am bound by
confidentiality. One set of project results in the public domain can be
found at

However, what exactly do you mean by:
1) "telecom companies" - does this extend to internet service providers,
operators, equipment manufacturers, standards bodies (and so on);
2) "Functional Description Techniques" - the acronym FDT applied to SDL/MSC
usually means "Formal Description Technique" as defined in ITU Z.110. Could
this include any method of describing functions? Would this include ITU
3) "related to" - does this mean projects that study the FDT's, or methods
for their use (or non-use), application for development of real products,
4) "standardized" - should this restrict the list of FDT's to those
published by de jure standards bodies (such as ITU, ISO, ANSI, BSI, DIN),
should LOTOS, MetaIV, ... be included. What about OMT, UML?

Could you make it clearer what you are looking for?

There a number of projects reported in the proceedings of the SDL Forum
(see publications under, which should be of interest.

You may also find number of papers of interest in the proceedings of IS&N
95, IS&N 97 and IS&N 98 (published in the LNCS series by Springer).

There are a number EEC RACE/ACTS projects that could be classified as
"relating to" SDL/MSC.

There are numerous projects actually using SDL/MSC to develop products in
progress now (but mostly confidential).

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