SDL-News: Re: ASN.1 Encoding/Decoding

Subject: SDL-News: Re: ASN.1 Encoding/Decoding
From: Martin von Loewis (
Date: Mon Sep 07 1998 - 18:02:27 GMT

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DUBOIS Fabrice writes:
> I wonder if any SDL tool fully supports standard ASN.1 Encoding /
> Decoding rules. If no, have our favorite toolmakers planned to
> improve their C-code generators in order to provide this feature ?

The SDL Integrated Tool Environment (SITE) supports BER according to
X.209 (which is interoperable with X.690). Please have a look at

The syntactical embedding of ASN.1 does not follow Z.105. Instead,
X.208 is supported literally, following the 'external formalism'

The BER itself complies with the DER restrictions on the producer
side. The consumer can decode all variants. A few constructs are not
supported, like encodings of external types.

Hope this helps,

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