SDL-News: September Electronic SDL meeting

Subject: SDL-News: September Electronic SDL meeting
From: Rick Reed TSE (
Date: Wed Sep 02 1998 - 23:43:46 GMT

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Dear Colleagues,

This message is for those in the Z.100 (Z.105/Z.106) standardisation
experts group - if you are not in that group you can ignor it.

The minutes of the last SDL meeting in Berlin included:
"The rapporteur stated that the next meeting should be an email meeting
13-18 September. The rapporteur will come back with more details."

The week 13-18 September is no longer very practical for me as I will be
away from tomorrow until then. I would like to re-schedule the "meeting"
for the week Monday 21 to Friday 25 September.

I propose that the core meeting days (when everyone should be "listening"
or contributing) should be 22-24 September with 21 and 25 for meeting
start-up and finalisation.

I would like to be able to progress data.

Contributions to be considered should be made available to me by 17
September. I will allocate document numbers to them and place them on the
SDL Forum and ITU-T ftp servers. You can announce or distribute the
contributions to whoever you wish in addition.

I propose to set up a distribution list on the SDL Forum site for the
discussion. Therefore participants should "register" with me by 17

I would be grateful for any advice that anyone can offer based on their
experience of such meetings. My own experience is nil.

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