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Subject: Re: SDL-News: Communication between processes in different blocks
From: David Pedlar (
Date: Wed Aug 05 1998 - 07:36:54 GMT

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Sergio Lopes wrote:

> I two processes in different blocks with 2 instances of each in the
> block. I want to establish communication between them in a deterministic
> way, this is, I want the instance 1 in the 1st block to communicate with
> the instance 1 of the 2nd block. As I cannot create a child process in
> different block, how do I solve this? I looking for the most efficient
> manner to do it.

We had the same (or similar) problem.
It must be a common problem in telecommunications , for example in a
where you need n instances of a set of objects/processes
to support n subscribers lines.

We tried a few different solutions including those ADTs. Some of these
excessive clutter in the model. Too much of the model seemed to be there
to keep the objects informed of the PIDs of other objects.

What we now have is a model that is correct SDL but looks as though it
supports one line. The code generator and support routines have however
written to instantiate those objects n times. When instance 3 of process
sends a signal to object B, it will be received by instance 3 of process

The supervisory functions that are common to all subscribers lines have
written as a separate domain, and bridge functions in C sort out the

David Pedlar

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