RE: SDL-News: Communication b/w process instances

Subject: RE: SDL-News: Communication b/w process instances
Date: Wed Jul 01 1998 - 06:22:57 GMT

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Hello Guru,

Martin v. Loewis wrote:

> > Is there a way to send and receive signals between process instances
> of
> > the same set (The Process instances in the set would be created by
> a
> > monitor process) ?
> It is certainly possible to send signals to a process of your instance
> set. If you have a PId, you can use that. If not, you can output to
> the process, in which case an arbitrary instance gets it (which might
> be the sender).
Note that if you have signals that are only sent to instances of the
same set,
they have to be mentioned explicitly in the valid input signal set of
the process.
For example if a process in set P wants to send signal HelloBrother to
another process
in the same set, and HelloBrother cannot be sent by other processes, P's
header should look like:

process P (0, ); signalset HelloBrother;

otherwise you will get semantic errors. (I also struggled once with this

Louis Verhaard

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