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Subject: SDL-News: PhD Thesis available online
From: Armin Eberlein (
Date: Thu Jan 15 1998 - 12:02:39 GMT

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This is just to let you know, that my PhD thesis about "Requirements Acquisition and Specification for Telecommunication Services" is now available .

Here is the abstract:

Telecommunications has brought about a tremendous change in the last 150 years, and is still one of the most rapidly developing technologies. Advances in mobility and quality over long distances have led to a highly complex communication medium, which contains equipment of differing capabilities and age, produced by a variety of vendors, in a worldwide distributed network. Nowadays, one of the greatest challenges that telecommunication operators face is the development and deployment of new services. Many service ideas exist; however, their implementation has persistently proved to be difficult. One of the most problematic tasks lies in understanding the requirements and correctly transforming them into code. Each introduction of a new service causes fears as to how the service will interact with already existing services. Traditional approaches have failed to deliver high-quality service software; new approaches have to be found. The objective of this research was therefore to investigate the use of advance
d software engineering, requirements engineering and artificial intelligence technologies for telecommunications service design. The outcome of this is the Requirements Assistant for Telecommunications Services (RATS), which consists of the RATS service development methodology and its implementation in the RATS tool. The methodology is based on a novel three-dimensional framework for requirements engineering, and provides, with the help of a specialised use-case design process, a smooth transition to currently exist-ing development life cycles which employ formal methods. The guidelines of the methodology con-tain in a concise way the steps to be performed during service design. The RATS tool is an expert system which advises the service developer during all stages of the development process, at different levels of abstraction. It provides requirements management facilities, traceability, impact analysis and document generation. Some of the features are illustrated using examples from the Universal Pers!
onal Telecommunication (UPT) service.



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