Re: SDL-News: Request for more flexible initialisation of array!

Subject: Re: SDL-News: Request for more flexible initialisation of array!
From: Dagbjorn Nogva ( )
Date: Tue Dec 02 1997 - 06:51:26 GMT

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Rick Reed wrote:

> I forsee some issues that need to be addressed:
> a) what if the index is large (or even uncountable - such as Integer)?

I agree, my proposal will probably not work if e.g. integer is index type.
For users (like myself) who automatically derive the implementation from
the SDL model by means of code generation, this problem is irrelevant since
we very rarely define infinite sized arrays. From Z.100 point of view I can
understand this problem.

Anders Olsen has an interesting suggestion which might solve this problem.

> b) should "holes" be allowed in the array value?

Why not!

> c) the proposed syntax is probably syntactically ambiguous with the current
> construct which will still be needed.

You're quite right. Would it be possible to define an alternative syntax,
for instance:

 ... daysOfMonth := (: 31, 28, 31, 30, 31, 30, 31, 31, 30, 31, 30, 31 :);

I have noticed that Telelogic uses this syntax in their SDL simulator tool.

Rossitza Goleva wrote:

> What you propose for arrays in SDL 2000 is interesting but difficult to be
> done. It will be even more difficult with STRUCT constructs in SDL. Anyhow
> I think that the construction for DCL is fine and very useful if one would
> like to simulate SDL program. Task cunstructs is difficult to be supported.

I believe that if one find a construction that works for DCL (and SYNONYM),
I'm sure it will also work for TASKs.

Best regards
Dagbjoern Nogva

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