SDL-News: Contributions: Lutterworth-Q6-Meeting

Subject: SDL-News: Contributions: Lutterworth-Q6-Meeting
From: Joachim Fischer (
Date: Mon Oct 06 1997 - 12:42:11 GMT

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Dear Rick, Dear Colleagues

With this mail I send four contributions for the upcoming Q.6/11
meeting, prepared by my group in Berlin. These are

A paper proposing to introduce exceptions in SDL:

A paper asking for corrections in Z.106:

A paper asking for clarification on nested procedures in SDL:

A paper discussing variants for the introduction of data type references
in SDL.

All papers are available as PostScript (change the suffix to .ps).
All papers except the paper for CIF are available as Microsoft Word
Version 8 (=Word97, change the suffix to .doc).

Unfortunately we are not able to come and present these contributions
at the Lutterworth meeting.

With kind regards

Joachim Fischer

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