Re: SDL-News: Can SDL be made attractive to more users?

Subject: Re: SDL-News: Can SDL be made attractive to more users?
From: Thomas Stingl (
Date: Tue Sep 09 1997 - 11:59:00 GMT

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> I am not surprised at all when I read the documentation from the SDL tools
> providers. Have a look at Z.100 and you will understand why some constructs
> are not supported! As Daniel Vincent tells us there are only a few

Yes, but every SDL tool vendor claims to support "SDL", and you will
go deep in the manuals to find that different tools will not support
different features or maybe in the next version. Perhaps my opinion is
somewhat biased from the experiences we made some years ago, when using
the full design cycle with the SDL tools showed on one hand very useful
results but on the other hand some tool vendors seemed to be quite astonished
of the approach to use the tool and SDL/MSC features not only for
painting diagrams.
Of course this does not undermine the usefulness of the tools themselves,
but they are no better or worse than other CASE tools in this context.

> database with examples that illustrate both basic, simple SDL features but
> also more advanced features. Have the SDL users around the world developed

This a very good idea.

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