Re: SDL-News: Portability Problems

Subject: Re: SDL-News: Portability Problems
Date: Tue Sep 09 1997 - 07:17:31 GMT

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> From Mon Sep 8 18:19:43 1997

>Dear SDLers,
>I have bump into serious problems trying to port PR files created, compiled^M
>and sinulated under SDT 3.01, to ObjectGeode.^M
>In fact, the Checker provided by ObjectGeode produces errors which make no^M
>sense at all. I have tried the different compilation options (e.g. the^M
>sdl88 option) supported by the Checker too. Different errors appeared as^M
>Checker's output, but the problem still remains: I can not compile a well^M
>tested (under SDT) PR file.^M
>Does anyone have come across similar problems? ^M
>Are there any particular SDL code conventions specific to the tools used ?

I think that nobody can answer to you without seeing what kind of errors you obtain.
If you look closer, some of them could have some sense.
Of course, we at CNET already had problems of compatibility (in both directions),
but we mostly succeed in overcoming them, having a good knowledge of the
possibilities of both tools.

Nevertheless, what we can say :
  - both tools normally intend to implement the same semantics of SDL (defined in Z100),
    and I think that 98 % of the constructs have no problems.
  - but each of them has extensions to the recommandation
  - and each of them has (temporary or definitive) restrictions
      (especially in Data Types)
  - and moreover, some aspects are not (and have not to be !) defined in Z100
     (e. g. : how to include user C code ...)

Daniel Vincent.

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