SDL-News: SDL/GDMO request for user position

Subject: SDL-News: SDL/GDMO request for user position
Date: Wed May 07 1997 - 12:37:06 GMT

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At the Q.5/SG10 meeting in Geneva, April 28 - 06 May 1997, on the use of

SDL for the formalisation of behaviour in GDMO, there were no contributions

backed by substantial user requests. GDMO has been extended with a formalism

for expressing behaviour (GDMO+), and this proposal is out for ballot. With

this in mind, the Q.5/SG10 meeting would like to know if there is still any

need for SDL specified behaviour.

The meeting briefly discussed the GDMO+ proposal. It was not obvious from

this if GDMO+ can be used as the basis for implementation or if it is just

useful for conformance testing. The proposals being around for behaviour in

SDL has taken the approaches that the SDL specifications could be used as

the basis for implementation.

An eventual continuation of work with SDL specified behaviour of GDMO can

have two different directions:

1. provide guidelines on how to design/implement in SDL based on GDMO

specifications - this is for developers that have an established SDL

development environment and have to implement systems based on GDMO


2. provide a tight integration, with object models described in GDMO and

behaviour in a set of primitives for manipulation GDMO objects with and

with a subset of SDL, so that tool support can be obtained.

If you are a user of SDL that have any of these needs or if you happen to

be a GDMO user that also would like to get support for the implementation

part via SDL, please let us know. You may also forward your wishes/request

to your GDMO and/or SDL tool supplier, if any.

Birger Moeller-Pedersen

Telenor Research and Development

P.O.Box 83

N-2007 Kjeller


Tel: +47 63 84 84 00

Fax: +47 63 81 00 76

Tel. office: +47 63 84 83 29

Tel.private: +47 22 50 16 77


NOTE: GDMO+ is draft amendment 4 to [ITU-T X.722 | ISO 10165-4] which is in

the standards ballot procedure. The editor is Joaquin Keller, France

Telecom, CNET Grenoble, 28 Chemin du Vieux Chene BP 98, F-38000 Meylan,


email:, TEL. +33 4 76 76 40 98 fax: 33 4 76 76 43 39.

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