SDL-News: A strange question

Subject: SDL-News: A strange question
From: Zhang Yongqian (
Date: Wed Oct 09 2002 - 03:44:09 GMT

(H2ŢJ"zܦzfޮm +j+r'fN("h+&z謭){"nW'&f'8Z \yۜ,vYHi Everybody,

    I encounter a strange question. My tool is TAU.

    In a simple case, I use a ASN.1 module in my SDL system.

    MyModule DEFINITIONS ::=
    Color ::= ENUMERATED { red(0), yellow(1), blue(2) }

Then I declare a NEWTYPE :

NEWTYPE ColorToString
    array ( Color, IA5String )

And some variables
c Color ;

In the SDL GR, I write the following code in a task symble:
    c := First(red)

When I analyze the system, the following information is given by TAU:

+ Analysis started
Conversion of ASN.1, SDL to PR started
Conversion to PR completed
Syntactic analysis started
Syntactic analysis completed
Semantic analysis started

1: ERROR 343 No matching field selection, array element access or prefix operator
First ?( red)

What's wrong with the operator? This is just a simple case in TAU help manual. I am mazed.

wm{_b&*j)nv'wH2ŢJ"zܛzw#)ڶm +j+r'f

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