SDL-News: Priority Input in SDL...

Subject: SDL-News: Priority Input in SDL...
From: mokhtar Nibouche (
Date: Mon Mar 04 2002 - 04:37:25 GMT

Hello All,

I do not understand fully the Priority Input mechanism
in SDL. Suppose that, in a particular state, there is
a priority input and a normal input, and suppose that
the process input queue contains the normal input
signal before the priority input signal. I know that
the priority input signal will be consumed but will
the normal signal input be implicitly consumed??

In order to clarify my question, suppose the attached
process graph with the following FIFO content in state

with Sig2 at the top i.e. ready for consumption.

What is the final state? Could you tell me the content
of the FIFO at each intermediate state? and what is
the queue content at the end?

I appreciate your help!!

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