Re: SDL-News: Import/Export - reg

Subject: Re: SDL-News: Import/Export - reg
From: Eckhardt Holz (
Date: Wed Jun 13 2001 - 13:11:37 GMT

Dear Elango,

I was tying your spec with the Cinderella tool and it did import the
However, there are some problems with your specification as well as with
First your spec:

There is no rule whether p1 or p2 excutes first - in fact the run
This implies that p2 may perform the input none before anything
happened in p1.
The result is that it tries to import an undefined value. Because
nothing is known about the time consumption of the transitions, this may
happen even an undetermined number of times before p1 has performed its

Second Cinderella:
Cinderella does perform a seuential excution of the transitions of all
processes. However, with your example the Cinderella tool (at least the
version I have) does not change the running process. When I start the
simulation there is no automatic scheduling. At some point the
simulator shows as project status the value "Paused" and both processes
are in "waiting". However, I can select one of the processes with the
context menu and set it as "running process". It then continues with its
So in order to simulate, you have to force manually the scheduling.
This (i.e. the missing automatic scheduling in case of import/export)
seems to be a cinderella bug.


Elangovan Angannan schrieb:
> Dear Eckhardt Holz,
> I was able to send the signal setX(Integer) from env
> to process1. But the process2 is not importing the
> value x and is not sending the signal FromP2(Integer)
> back to the environment.
> Awaiting your reply
> Elango
> __________________________________________________

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