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Date: Fri Apr 07 2000 - 09:33:32 GMT

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> I have an array and I would like to associate with
> each entry of the array a timer.Does anyone know if
> and how I could do such a thing?

Assuming that you SDL tool works correctly, this is quite simple - you just
give the timer a parameter using the same sort of data as the index of the
array. This is then effectively an array of timers. When you SET/RESET the
timer, give the index value of the actual array element you want timed. When
you receive the timer signal it has a parameter equal to the timer parameter
of the corresponding SET.

TIMER T(Integer):=1;



sets two timers. They run concurrently.

The corresponding signals are T(1) and T(2).

The actual set/reset values can be expressions.

You can also test for the timers being active by (ACTIVE(T(n)).

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