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Date: Thu May 06 1999 - 06:11:39 GMT

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                     Call for Participation

                        9th SDL FORUM

                     21-25 June, 1999
                Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Organized by: Universite de Montreal, SDL Forum Society and Nortel

SPONSORS: Verilog, Telelogic, France-Telecom, Motorola, IVT, Cinderella,
CRM, CRIM, ETS, Universite de Montreal

All activities will be held at the Universite de Montreal:
Departement d'Informatique et de Recherche Operationnelle
2920 Chemin de la Tour (Pavillion Andre Aisenstadt)
Montr�al (Quebec), CANADA - H3T 1Y4
FAX: (514) 343-5834
Tel: (514) 343-7599

TUTORIALS (Monday, June 21)

Track 1 : The Unique SDL and MSC Features for Complex System Development
Speakers: � Jan Docekal, Telelogic
                  � Philippe Leblanc, VERILOG
 9:00 - 18:00 (with breaks for coffee and lunch)

Track 2: Selected subjects on using MSC and SDL in the Development Cycle

 9:00 How to use UML with MSC/SDL models (When /Where / How)
            Michael Andersson
10:30 Coffee Break
11:00 Pattern-based reuse with SDL
            Birgit Geppert
12:30 Lunch: Restaurant RAGA
14:00 Performance Engineering of SDL/MSC Systems
            Andreas Mitschele-Thiel and Bruno Mueller-Clostermann
15:30 Improving TIME TO MARKET Using SDL Tools and Techniques
             Robert L. Probert, Nikolai N. Mansurov
17:00 Coffee Break
17:30 Testing based on SDL specifications: towards software testing
             C. Bourhfir, A. Cavalli and R. Dssouli

TUESDAY, June 22 - Day 1

Welcome Session
Session chair: Rachida Dssouli

 9:15 Welcome

Opening Session
Session chair: Gregor v. Bochmann

10:00 Keynote Speaker: Dr. Ahmed Jerraya, CNRS Research Director,
                                          TIMA Laboratory, INPG, Grenoble,

11:00 Coffee Break and Demo

Applications I
Session chair: Anders Olsen
11:30 IN Service prototyping using SDL models and animation
            Miguel Alabau, Pierre Combes, Beatrice Renard
12:00 SDL framework for prototyping and validation of IN services
            Kristofer Kimbler, Carl-Henrik Hagenfeldt, Niklas Widell, Jan
            Ellsberger, Gustav Bergman
12:30 Evaluating an SDL framework for AXE development
            Stein Erik Ellevseth, Birger Moller-Pedersen

13:00 Lunch: Restaurant LE COMMENSAL

Deriving SDL
Session chair: Bob Probert
14:30 New results on deriving SDL specifications from MSCs
            M. Abdalla, F. Khendek, G. Butler
15:00 From timed scenarios to SDL: specification, implementation and
            testing of real-time systems
            Abdeslam En-Nouaary, Rachida Dssouli, Ferhat Khendek

15:30 Coffee Break

SDL Forum Society
Session chair: Yair Lahav
16:00 All about the SDL Forum Society
             Yair Lahav
16:30 SDL Forum Society - Annual meeting (open to all conference
            Amardeo Sarma, Oystein Haugen, Yair Lahav

17:30 Welcome Cocktail in the Hall d'Honneur de l'Universit� de Montreal

WEDNESDAY, June 23 - Day 2

Language Extensions
Session chair: Rolv Braek
 9:00 SDL enhancements and application for the design of distributed
            Nils Fischbeck, Marc Born, Andreas Hoffmann, Mario Winkler,
            Gregor Baudis, Harold B�hme, Joachim Fischer
 9:30 Modelling interfaces in SDL with gate types
            Eckhardt Holz
10:00 MSC and data: dynamic variables
            A.G. Engels, L.M.G. Feijs, Sjouke Mauw

10:30 Coffee Break

Testing I
Session chair: Ana Cavalli
11:00 SDL-based specification and testing strategy for communication
            network protocols
            Ostap Monkewich
11:30 Automated test generation from SDL specifications
            Alain Kerbrat, Thierry J�ron, Roland Groz
12:00 Methods and methodology for an incremental test generation from
            Athmane Touag, Anne Rouger

12:30 Lunch: Restaurant LE COMMENSAL

SDL and MSC for the Next Millennium
Session chair: Amardeo Sarma
14:30 MSC-2000
            Oystein Haugen
15:10 SDL-2000
            Rick Reed
15:50 Towards a new formal SDL semantics - outline of an abstract state
            Uwe Gl�sser, Reinhard Gotzhein, A. Prinz
16:20 Discussion

17:00 Coffee Break and Demo

Tool presentations and Demonstrations
Session chair: Qiang Gao
17:30 Too presentations and Demonstrations

19:00 Banquet in Hall d'Honneur
        Invited speaker: Claudine Simson, VP of External Research and
Interaction, Nortel Networks

THURSDAY, June 24 - Day 3

UML in Collaboration with MSC and SDL
Session chair: Pierre Combes
 9:00 Towards a harmonization of UML-sequence diagrams and MSC
             Ekkart Rudolph, Jens Grabowski, Peter Graubmann
 9:30 Three scenarios for combining UML and SDL'96
             Kurt Verschaeve, Anders Ek
10:00 Automatic synthesis of SDL models in use case methodology
             Nikolai Mansurov, D. Zhukov
10:30 Integrating schedulability analysis and SDL in an object-oriented
            methodology for embedded real-time systems
            J. M. Alvarez, Manuel Diaz, L.M. Llopis, E. Pimentel, J.M.

11:00 Coffee Break and Demo

Code Generation
Session chair: Rick Reed
11:30 COCOS - A configurable SDL compiler for generating efficient
            protocol implementations
            Peter Langendoerfer, Hartmut Koenig
12:00 Using declarative mappings for automatic code generation from SDL
            and ASN.1
            Nikolai Mansurov, Alexei Ragozin

12:30 Lunch: Restaurant LE COMMENSAL

Session chair: Philippe Leblanc
14:30 Using design metrics to identify error-prone components of SDL
            Wayne M. Zage, Dolores M. Zage, J. Michael McGrew, Nitin Sood
15:00 Application of SDL metric suite through development phases
            Yury Chernov

15:30 Coffee Break and Demo

16:00 Tools Demonstration

Free evening (Note: this is the Quebec national holiday, St. Jean-Batiste)

FRIDAY, June 25 - Day 4

Applications II
Session chair: Ekkart Rudolph
 9:00 Dynamic scenario-based approach to re-engineering of legacy
            telecommunication software
            Nikolai Mansurov, Robert L. Probert
 9:30 Specification, validation and implementation of ATM UNI signaling
            protocols in SDL
            Yuping Dong, Yinghua Lu , Qiang Gao
10:00 Using metapatterns with SDL
            Torben Worm
10:30 External communication with SDL systems
            Gerd Kurzbach, Martin v. L�wis of Menar, Ralf Schr�der

11:00 Coffee Break

Testing II
Session chair: Daniel Vincent
11:30 SDL and MSC based test generation for distributed test
            Jens Grabowski, Beat Koch, Michael Schmitt, Dieter Hogrefe
12:00 A test case generation tool for conformance testing of SDL systems
            Chourouk Bourhfir, Rachida Dssouli, El Mostapha Aboulhamid,
            Nathalie Rico

12:30 Lunch: Restaurant RAGA

Time, Performance and Simulation
Session chair: Claude Jard
14:30 IF: An intermediate representation for SDL and its applications
            Marius Bozga, Jean-Claude Fernandez, Lucian Ghirvu, Susanne
             Jean-Pierre Krimm, Laurent Mounier, Joseph Sifakis
15:00 PerfSDL: Interface to protocol performance analysis by means of
            Mazen Malek
15:30 Early performance prediction of SDL/MSC specified systems by
            automated synthetic code generation
            W. Dulz, S. Gruhl, L. Kerber, M. S�llner
16:00 A simulation model for message sequence charts
            Lo�c H�lou�t

16:30 Closing session


Please mail (or fax) the completed Registration Form below to:

Rachida Dssouli/Lucie Levesque
Universite de Montreal,
Dept. IRO. C.P. 6128, succursale Centre-Ville
Montreal (Quebec) H3C 3J7, CANADA
Tel. 1(514) 343-7599
FAX.1 (514) 343-5834

                         9th SDL Forum Registration Form

SDL FORUM Registration (indicate your selection)
For advanced registration, submit by 14 May'99
Member of SDL-Forum Society CAN$ 600 (advanced) / CAN$ 750 (late)
Non-member CAN$ 750 (advanced)/ CAN$ 800
Full-time student CAN$ 400 (advanced)/ CAN$ 450

TUTORIAL Registration (indicate your selection)
For advanced registration, submit by 14 May'99

Member of SDL-Forum Society CAN$ 175 (advanced) / CAN$ 250 (late)
Non-member CAN$ 250 (advanced) / CAN$ 300
Full-time Student CAN$ 200 (advanced) / CAN$ 250

Optional Extra Items
Extra banquet tickets (at $100.00 each)
Extra Proceedings (price to be determined)

Total: Add up the amounts above, and enter the total due below, payable in
dollars. The total fee below is the amount you will be charged on your
credit card, if one is used. Enter the card type, number, expiration date,
your name as it appears on the card and your signature, fax it to: R.
Dssouli or L. L�vesque at: (514) 343-5834.

Total amount:

Credit Card Number:

Type of Payment: VISA/ MasterCard
Expires (Month/Year)

Name on the Card:

I authorize you to charge my Credit Card: Visa or Master Card:

Requests for refunds must be received no later than May 14, 1999. Refunds
are subject to a CAN$50 processing fee.

Information about hotels are given on the 9th SDL Forum web page. Please visite the page and reserve your
room as soon as possible. June is high season.

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