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Subject: Re: MSC-News: RPC in MSCs
From: Le Sergent Thierry (
Date: Fri Mar 19 1999 - 09:53:34 GMT

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Sergio Lopes wrote:
> Dear OG users,
> I have the following problem:
> How do I write/draw a Remote Procedure Call in a MSC so the OG Simulator can
make a match between the a MSC RPC and a SDL RPC?
> Is there such a thing as a RPC in MSC Z.120?

I made a reply on "obg-club" only, and noticed just now that the
on RPC in MSCs runs on "mscnews". So I post it again:

There are no RPCs in Z.120. But RPCs in SDL are modelled, and
implemented in OG Simulator by mean of messages. For a remote procedure
"xxx", the messages exchanged are "rpc_xxx_call" (parameters identical
to the remote procedure parameters) and "rpc_xxx_reply" (the parameters
are the in/out parameters of the remote procedure).
You can view these messages in MSCs generated by OG Simulator 3.2. It
will be possible to give MSCs including these messages as input to OG
Simulator 4.0 comming soon, so you will have exactly what you want :-)


Le Sergent Thierry

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