MSC-News: Re: SDL-News: Need help selecting a Research Topic.

Subject: MSC-News: Re: SDL-News: Need help selecting a Research Topic.
From: Prakash R (
Date: Thu Feb 25 1999 - 04:48:50 GMT

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Rick Reed TSE wrote:
> First you should make sure that you have access to one of the primary
> commercial SDL tools (In alphabetical order):
> Cinderella (
> ObjectGEODE (
> SDT (
> I believe all these organisations have special arrangements for research
> students.
> These tools are all able to make SDL diagrams (users use the graphical
> form), analyse the diagrams to check that they are statically correct, and
> produce SDL in either the textual form (SDL/PR) or common interface format
> (CIF). Any tool that you make can use these formats as input.
> The Humboldt University SDL tool may also be available as the basis for
> further research.

I do have access to ObjectGEODE. I'm currently using it to learn SDL.

But, what exactly is required by the SDL community is not very clear to

> There is an unfulfilled demand for Java generation from SDL, but
> unfortunately I do not think it would be feasible to do this within the
> effort budget you have. I do not know if you have considered a team project
> and whether this is acceptable to you institute. It may be possible to do
> this with a team of 3 or 4 in the timescale.
> Of course, a GNU-SDL would stimulate more research.

Since this is an individual degree, I doubt whether IISc will accept
teams of 3-4 people working on the project. Also it would be difficult
to find 3 more people interested in doing the same thing in the same
university. As I have discovered, not many people outside the
telecommunication industry know about SDL. Keywords like Java in a
project title might attract a few people. But still it is very difficult
to find research students wanting to work on this topic currently at

Is there any other platform/media where SDL concerns are
voiced/discussed? What about GNU-SDL? Seems like a good idea to me. I'll
need help. Anybody else interested?

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