MSC-News: MSC Rapporteur's Meeting in Sophia Antipolis

Subject: MSC-News: MSC Rapporteur's Meeting in Sophia Antipolis
From: Oystein Haugen (
Date: Tue Oct 06 1998 - 15:31:52 GMT

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Dear MSC friends

Below you will find the official inviation to the next Rapporteur's
meeting on MSC. It will take place in Sophia Antipolis at the premises
of ETSI in the end of October.

As Rapporteur of MSC and organizer of the MSC meeting, the following
principles will be used for the contributions (working documents).

1. All contributions should be sent to me (Mailto: in either Word format or Postscript or PDF
2. I will number the contributions and make a list of documents
3. All documents will be made available on the ITU informal ftp pages
(you need an account and have registered for this, and to do so your
organization must be member of ITU), and the SDL Forum Society member
pages (which are controlled by a password available to members). The
documents will be made available in PDF only.
4. The minutes from the meeting will after the meeting be made available
on the public pages of the SDL Forum Society.

Contributions must in principle come from ITU members or cooperating
partners (such as SDL Forum Society), but of course we appreciate all
suggestions and comments to our work. Please use this mail exploder for
public discussion on issues.

Oystein Haugen
Rapporteur MSC

Oystein Haugen, Ericsson as. , P.O. box 34, N-1361 Billingstad, Norway
Tel: +47 66 84 23 46 Fax: +47 66 84 19 15 Mob: +47 913 90 914


Title: Invitation to ITU-T Study Group 10 Experts' Group Meetings Source: SG10 Vice Chairman Contact: Arve Meisingset Telenor R&D PO Box 83 2007 Kjeller Norway Tel: +47 6384 8400, Fax: +47 6381 0076 Internet:

ETSI kindly offers to host Study Group 10 Experts' Group Meetings for Questions 1, 6, 7 and 9/10 19-23 October at the ETSI facilities in Sophia Antipolis:

ETSI Headquarters 650, Route des Lucioles F-06921 Sophia Antipolis France Telephone:+33 4 92 94 42 00 (Switchboard) +33 4 92 94 43 28 (Sabine Beauvois) Telefax: +33 4 93 65 47 16

These meetings are organised in conjunction with ETSI MTS meeting 20-21 October Joint MTS-SG10 meeting 22 October

SG10 delegates are invited to attend the MTS meeting as guests. Every delegate to any of the SG10 Experts' Group Meetings, MTS meeting or Joint MTS-SG10 meeting has to submit a filled in registration form to ETSI by 13 October. Invitation, form, agenda and hotel information can be obtained from and the registration form is submitted to

The registration form and hotel information are attached to this mail, as well.

The SG10 Experts' Group Meetings are scheduled as follows

Q1 23 October 09.00-11.00, end of meeting to be agreed with Q6 and 9 Q6 19-23 October 09.00-17.00, end on Friday to be decided by the group Q7 22 October 17.00-19.00, start of meeting after the joint meeting Q9 20-23 October, end on Friday to be decided by the group

Each rapporteur is responsible for distributing a draft agenda for his meeting via the appropriate ITU-T question mail group and other available mail groups. The ITU-T question mail groups are:

Contributions to the Experts' Group Meetings are to be distributed by the contributor via the same mail groups, and each contributor should bring some additional copies to the meetings. Each delegate should bring his copies of the received documents. The ETSI secretariat will provide copying of documents produced during the meeting. Each rapporteur assigns working document numbers and writes minutes to be provided as Delayed contributions to the SG10 4-12 February 1999 meeting. These documents are put on the SG10 informal ftp area by TSB when received. Each rapporteur is responsible for putting any other document on the SG10 informal ftp area.

Arve Meisingset will write minutes from the Joint MTS-SG10 meeting to be

provided as a Delayed contribution to the SG10 February 1999 meeting. Contributions to the Joint MTS-SG10 meeting are provided for numbering and distribution by the ETSI secretariat.

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