Re: MSC-News: Problem with instance-oriented - shared in-line expression textual

Subject: Re: MSC-News: Problem with instance-oriented - shared in-line expression textual
From: Ekkart Rudolph (
Date: Wed Sep 30 1998 - 09:24:56 GMT

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Paul Baker wrote:

> Dear MSC folks,
> I think there is a problem regarding the instance-oriented textual
> grammar for the shared
> inline ‘alt’ and ‘par’ expressions (section 5.3 of Z.120), which:
> (2) makes it impossible to define the semantics for alt and par
> expressions using the
> instance-oriented grammar. The reason for this is that it is not
> possible (in some cases)
> given the information provided to determine which events, existing on
> different instances,
> are associated with different alt or par arguments. And in fact
> whether events are
> indeed associated with the same alt or par expression.

Dear Paul,
can you give a simple example? I cannot see immediately your point because
of the shared construct.

Apart from that, I do not like so much the terminology 'instance oriented' and
'event oriented' grammar in MSC-96. In fact, my idea was to include the
'instance oriented' representation of MSC-92 within the new 'event oriented' representation.
(since message inputs may appear before corresponding message outputs within this
'event oriented' grammar)

Unfortunately, because of upward compatability there still remained this
<old instance head statement>. Apart from that, I would rather distinguish between
<shared event> - and <multi instance event> representation (e.g. with respect to
conditions and inline expressions). I must admit that the <shared event> - representation
in some parts (e.g. inline expression) resembles the original 'instance oriented'
representation, in order to avoid the obscuring mixing of events on different instances
within operator expressions.

Best regards!

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