MSC-News: Joint ITU-T SG10 & MTS##27 meetings (20-22 october) (fwd)

Subject: MSC-News: Joint ITU-T SG10 & MTS##27 meetings (20-22 october) (fwd)
From: Dieter Hogrefe (
Date: Tue Sep 22 1998 - 14:39:28 GMT

Dear Colleagues,

As ETSI TC MTS chairman I am pleased to send you copies of the invitation
to meetings of ETSI TC MTS and ITU-T SG10 to be held at ETSI during the
week 19-25 October 1998. However, please note that both ETSI and ITU have
rules about who is entitled to attend meetings.

To attend an ETSI TC meeting you normally have to be representing an ETSI
member, but in this case it is OK if any SG10 expert attends the joint
meeting and the MTS meeting as a guest.

Similarly to attend an ITU-T SG10 meeting you normally have to representing
an ITU-T member. However, it is established practice that Q.6/10, Q.7/10
and Q.9/10 experts' meetings are open to members of the SDL Forum Society.
For the October 1998 meetings ETSI MTS members are welcome as guests.

The outline plan for the ITU-T experts' meetings is:
  Q.6/10 09:00 Monday 19 October until 16:00 Friday 23 October;
  Q.7/10 - will be a short, joint meeting with Q.6/10 and Q.9/10;
  Q.9/10 09:00 Tuesday 20 October until 16:00 Friday 23 October.
Note that on Thursday there is a SG10 Joint Rapporteurs' meeting with ETSI.
The exact schedule of the ITU-T meetingsis still being decided between
  Amardeo Sarma <> - SG10 chairman;
  Rick Reed <> - Q.6/10 rapporteur;
  Philippe Leblanc <> Q.7/10 rapporteur;
  Oystein Haugen <> - Q.9/10 rapporteur.
It is expected that the schedule will be announced on 28 September.

Please find attached the invitation and how to register for a meeting at ETSI.

Details of hotels etc can be found at: (27May2016: link no longer valid)

I regret that if you are on several of the above lists you may receive this
email several times.

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