MSC-News: Alexei Ragozin awarded Grant 98

Subject: MSC-News: Alexei Ragozin awarded Grant 98
From: Oystein Haugen (
Date: Wed Jul 29 1998 - 09:28:20 GMT

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SDL and MSC Community

It is a pleasure to inform you about the SDL Forum Society Grant 1998.
The Grant was presented to Alexei Ragozin at the closing session of the
SAM'98 Workshop in Berlin in July. The Grant is 5000 DEM which will be
given to the winner upon reception of his proposed deliverables over the
coming year. The deliverables will be published by the SDL Forum

The project of Alexei Ragozin was selected from a set of eleven
interesting project proposals submitted for evaluation for the Grant.

Below we have copied from his application to give you some information
about his project.

Oystein Haugen
Secretary, SDL Forum Society

Oystein Haugen, Ericsson as. , P.O. box 34, N-1361 Billingstad, Norway
Tel: +47 66 84 23 46 Fax: +47 66 84 19 15 Mob: +47 913 90 914


Winner of SDL Forum Society Grant 1998: Alexei Ragozin Institute for System Programming of Russian Academy of Sciences (ISP RAS), Department of CASE systems <>

Project Title: Exploration of design space of SDL mappings


1. Further develop code generation from SDL for wider acceptance in industry. Need to generate applications with broad range of properties for different languages and real-time OS. 2. Need to generate flexible code (one of the most important properties !) in order to combine generated code with legacy systems. 3. Need to develop solid theoretic foundation as well as catalogue of "best practices" for forthcoming SDL-2000 code generation. 4. Feedback to implementability and efficiency of SDL-2000.


1. Develop apparatus for cross-comparisons of generated code for SDL - develop approach to formally describe properties of generated code; - develop approach to formally describe design space of SDL mapping; - develop set of metrics for comparison; - formally describe comparison technique based on suggested metrics. 2. Develop software for measuring properties of generated code. 3. Create a representable set of SDL benchmarks for comparing of SDL mappings and run-time support systems. 4. Create catalogue of "industry best practices" in code generation from SDL by measuring several existing code generators. 5. Describe alternative techniques of SDL mapping. 6. Develop recommendations for SDL 2000 code generation


1. EDS1,"Comparison of SDL mappings",description of metrics for comparing of SDL mapping (with appropriate comparison technique), formal definitions of properties of generated code.30/10/98 2. EDS2,"Measurement software", software used to automate collection of SDL mapping metrics.31/01/98 3. EDS3,"SDL benchmarks", a set of benchmarks intended to estimate quality of SDL mapping desicion as well as run-time performance of generated code and run-time system.31/03/98 4. EDS4, "SDL code generation", summary of existing approaches to SDL mapping, hypothetical opportunities of mapping, recommendation on mapping decisions for SDL-2000.31/08/98


SDL Tool vendors and large users of SDL can be clients of project results: - Telelogic - Verilog - Cinderella - Motorolla - Siemens - Ericson - Nokia


We distinguish several subsets in SDL language : - Structure - Communication - Graph - Data Each subset has own intendence and needs own mapping decisions. We consider all stages of program creation by SDL specification and its execution: - Translation and code generation - Translation of code - Start-up and run-time of generated code. Considering all subsets of SDL and all program life cycle stages we explore the whole space of design decision on the area of SDL mappings.


Availability of generated code from different SDL tool vendors for the set of benchmarks. Optional possibility to execute generated code in controlled environment (same target compiler,hardware etc.) -----------------------------------------

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