MSC-News: MSC experts' meeting

Subject: MSC-News: MSC experts' meeting
From: Oystein Haugen (
Date: Mon Jun 08 1998 - 07:08:33 GMT

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Dear MSC friends

The next ITU-T SG10 Q.6,7,9/10 experts meetings will take place in
in the same week as the SAM workshop: 02-03 July, but at GMD FOKUS (not
Humboldt). These will be "joint" meetings with the SDL Forum Society -
therefore Society members and ITU-T members may attend the meeting. The
rapporteurs may also invite other experts who are not members of either
these organsiations.

The final agenda will be decided later, but the following topics are
considered important in the MSC meeting:

1. Decomposition and continuations
2. Time concepts
3. Data and other control concepts

Some general maintenance issues like Remote Procedures and improved
grammars will also be touched upon.

In order for the MSC people to stay together I suggest the following
hotel according to local advice:

Hotel Residenz, Meinekestr. 9, D-10719 Berlin
Tel.: (+49 30) 88 44 30
Fax: (+49 30) 88 24 726
Single Room: 158,-DM + breakfast 22,-DM
Double Room: 206,-DM + breakfast 22,-DM

Contributions to the experts' meeting should be sent to me (Oystein
Haugen, Rapporteur) and to Ina Schieferdecker of GMD Fokus who will be
the local organizer of the meeting. Please use ITU standard Word
documents, but do also provide Postscript or PDF. The contributions will
be put on the MSC ftp-site of SDL Forum Society following my reception
of them.
Oystein Haugen <>
Ina Schieferdecker <>

Participation at the experts' meeting should also be registered with me
with a copy for Ina Schieferdecker.

Oystein Haugen, Ericsson as. , P.O. box 34, N-1361 Billingstad, Norway
Tel: +47 66 84 23 46 Fax: +47 66 84 19 15 E-mail:

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