MSC-News: Conditions in HMSC

Subject: MSC-News: Conditions in HMSC
From: Dagbjorn Nogva ( )
Date: Thu Jan 22 1998 - 14:59:12 GMT

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Dear (H)MSC community,

I have a question concerning use of conditions in HMSCs.

In an HMSC, is it allowed to let the same condition appear more than
once (like "multiple appearence of state" in SDL)?

A typical situation where this is useful is an MSC which is
valid in many conditions, for instance an MSC describing
some kind of common error handling or a shutdown procedure.

In this case I would like to draw a condition symbol containing
a condition list, then a reference symbol with the name of the MSC
and finally a condition symbol defining "nextstate". This graph
will then be detached from the rest of the HMSC. Is this allowed?

Best regards
Dagbjoern Nogva
Telox AS

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