MSC-News: Workshops and Q.6/10 experts' meetings

Subject: MSC-News: Workshops and Q.6/10 experts' meetings
From: Rick Reed TSE (
Date: Sun Dec 07 1997 - 16:38:29 GMT

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Dear Colleagues,

I understand that there may have been some confusion between three
different events being organized in 1998.

17-19 February
1. Andreas Mitschele_Thiel <> is
organising a "Performance and Time in SDL/MSC" workshop for 17-19 February.
See the call for contributions posted on <> and
<> Fri, 21 Nov 1997. SDL Forum members are invited to
this event, but the key organizer is Erlangen University.

2. The next Q.6/10 experts' meeting will also be held on the same dates and
at the same location, but this is a essentially a separate event. The two
groups will, however, meet jointly on 18 February to exchange information
related to performance issues in Q.6/10 and Q.9/10.
As this is a Q.6/10 meeting, this is in principle only open to ITU-T SG10
members and SDL Forum Society members. Other individuals can participate as
invited experts, but must contact me outlining their proposed contribution
for an invitation.


3. As discussed at the SDL '97 Forum, there is to be an SDL/MSC workshop.
This is a separate event from the workshop organized at Erlangen. The SDL
Forum Society is central to the organization of this event. Further details
will be made available later.

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