MSC-News: Correction to master list of corrections

Subject: MSC-News: Correction to master list of corrections
From: Ekkart Rudolph (
Date: Thu Oct 23 1997 - 09:01:57 GMT

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Dear Oystein,
before I forget it:
On p.12 of the master list of corrections:
The new sentence concerning the scope of exception expressions:
"The exception expression is a shorthand..."
is inserted in the wrong place.
It should replace the old sentence in Z.120 p.42 second paragraph, last sentence
(semantics section): "The exc operator can thus be viewed .. "

In an earlier e-mail I have mentioned that in section 5.3 Inline expression
p.39 for all <shared ... expr>
(<shared loop expr> etc.)

<instance event list> should be replaced by [<instance event list>}

(please check!)

Best regards!

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