MSC-News: Documents for Lutterworth meetings

Subject: MSC-News: Documents for Lutterworth meetings
From: Rick Reed (
Date: Wed Oct 08 1997 - 16:33:59 GMT

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The Lutterworth meeting is an ITU-T meeting, therefore it is my opinion
that documents for this meeting should only normally be disclosed to
people that attend the meetings or are entitled to participate in the
meetings. The submitter of a document can choose to give it wider
circulation (as Humboldt have done for their Q.6/10 contributions). In
the case of the "Lists of Changes" to Z.1xx standards, the ITU rules for
maintenance require these to be "widely published".

My opinion is therefore that Oystein Haugen is correct to make the MSC
documents available only to SDL Forum Society members and members of the
ITU-T Q.9/10(MSC) experts' group. One of the benefits of becoming a
member of the SDL Forum Society (at 60DM per year - check the WWW pages)
is the right to participate in the SDL and MSC standards work and access
to the discussion documents.

As far as the documents for the Q.6/10(SDL) meeting are concerned, I
intend to catalogue these and make them available at the weekend. If you
have contributions please send them ASAP.

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