MSC-News: Re: Contributions to Lutterworth

Subject: MSC-News: Re: Contributions to Lutterworth
From: Ekkart Rudolph (
Date: Wed Oct 08 1997 - 09:18:40 GMT

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> Dear Ekkart
> You are absolutely welcome to present your own contributions. I was only
> reacting upon our decision in Geneva where the Rapporteur was supposed
> to do something with the graphics of General Order Relation, but now I
> understand that the Ass. Rapp. for Maintenance will make a contribution
> as spin-off from the SDL Forum presentation.
> Take a look at the TDL1 to see what contributions I expect from you (and
> my numbering). I prefer to have separate contributions for separate
> issues.
> Yours
> Oystein
> --
Dear Oystein,
I hope my contributions cover your Lutterworth list. I have preferred
to combine some of them:
1. Createline and general order interfaces for instance decomposition
2. Global conditions and instance decomposition
3. Substitution of timers and conditions
4. Unification of inline expressions and references/create and stop
5. Improved graphical syntax for generalized ordering

I hope that I can manage to submit a Postscript version before Lutterworth.

Looking forward to an enjoyable meeting in England.
(Better MSC than BSE!)


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